Alaska Fishing Lodge – Bettles Lodge

Often-times we hear individuals talking about fishing Alaska at certain times of the year. While that may be great for many peoples personal schedule, your journey to Alaska does not have to be restricted to windows of time, which is why a year-round Alaska Fishing Lodge like Bettles Lodge is ideal for lots of angler.

Bettles Lodge has the look of an Alaskan Fishing Lodge from the past, which can be associated to the lodge’s history. Even though the primary lodge has that stunning, rustic look of Alaska’s yesteryear, it has been completely upgraded along with the 18 systems that are available.

You will likewise find Bettles Lodge to be a complete Alaska Fishing Lodge, offering it’s visitor with lots of facilities like fish & game licenses, a tackle store, USGS maps, and devices rental. If stockpiling on fuel is on your mind, you can likewise purchase aviation and Coleman fuel at Bettles. For comforts off the water there is a dining establishment, pub, gift shop and even an alcohol store. In space comforts consist of a satellite TV, wireless Internet, and of course phone service.

The lodge lies in Bettles, Alaska, 180 miles as the crow flies from Fairbanks. The town is understood for being the tiniest incorporated city in Alaska. An amusing thought when you think about there are around 30 homeowners in Bettles. This station also acts as a departure point for the Gates of the Artic National Park, Brooks Range in Northern Alaska, and Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge.

As you can think of, by its place, there are lots of things to do along with fish. Flight seeing, snowshoe and cross-country snowboarding in the winter season, pan for gold on a homestead, and see the spectacular Northern lights during the months of August and September.

In all, there are numerous reasons that a stay at Bettles Lodge should be on your Alaska Fishing Lodge List. If you want to schedule a journey, bear in mind that the area is available by boat throughout the summer and even snow device weather condition, and it is likewise accessible by air. Be sure to bring your cam, as this will be a journey filled with excellent scenery and wildlife.

Bettles Lodge has the look of an Alaskan Fishing Lodge from the past, which can be attributed to the lodge’s history. You will likewise discover Bettles Lodge to be a full service Alaska Fishing Lodge, supplying it’s visitor with plenty of amenities like fish & game licenses, a tackle shop, USGS maps, and equipment rental. In all, there are many reasons why a stay at Bettles Lodge need to be on your Alaska Fishing Lodge List.